Starting over

Going to give this one more try ... with a server move in the works, it seems like a good time to decide what goes and what stays. Check back, if you would...

Just two weeks after my last entry, Heidi left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge on the day of Christmas Eve. This really shook my faith and left a huge empty spot in our home and hearts.

This is part of why I'm even angrier than I'd normally be at the scumbags who have left their advertising spam in the comments sections of this blog. Jerkoffs who left GODDAMN ADVERTISING for PURE CRAP SITES AND STUFF as comments to posts dealing with subjects such as a beloved pet's illness or death.

Not that they will see it here, but I seriously hope these jerkoffs all CHOKE and DIE in some painful and slow manner. I hate them all and at the very least, I hope their businesses fail and leave them in dire straits and at the mercy of people who really would kill them, instead of me and my fruitless wrath.

:: peeks in ::

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Much has happened since I was last here... understandable, since it has been several months. Although there have been many times when writing has provided a means of relief and escape, or at least a way of venting, this time it didn't seem to work out that way.

When yet another one left us to go over the Rainbow Bridge after teaching us all she could here on Earth, I considered abandoning this blog completely. Couldn't quite do it though.

Several months have gone by. It's winter. Maybe it's time to come back...

Random cat gets a checkup

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Before I talk about Random's vet visit last Saturday, I want to thank Shelley for her kind offer to come and make up Yuki's Lactated Ringer's Solution. Once we factored in the cost of the airfare, though, it became a little less competitive :) Thanks anyway, though :)

Now back to our regularly unscheduled blog. Since our household already includes one diabetic dog and one formerly diabetic cat now with chronic renal insufficiency, of course I jumped to conclusions when Random was seen drinking more water and visiting the litter box more often.

Apparently he was just thirsty :) There is also the possibility he has an as-yet-undetected mild bladder infection. His bloodwork and urinalysis looked good; blood glucose, BUN and creatinine were all within normal ranges. We'll just keep watching him to make sure things get back to normal. If not, we'll do another urinalysis this coming Saturday.

Just wanted to put in a "no news, good news" entry for a change!

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